A Parent's Dark Foray into Expensive Children's Clothes
A Parent's Dark Foray into Expensive Children's Clothes

A Parent’s Dark Foray into Expensive Children’s Clothes


     Children’s clothes can be expensive, we all know this. As parents we are supposed to just accept this. A tiny t-shirt for double the price of a regular grown-up’s t-shirt? Geez, where do I sign up? We just sit back and take it, justifying our purchase of expensive child’s clothes by saying that we will reuse them.We all have those friends that spend a lot on their children’s clothes and while they look cute we all secretly mock them and go “Geez, why do they spend so much on clothes that the child is only going to wear a few times”.

     Thing is, though, as parents we all have the tendency to break the “cheap” children’s clothes rule. We all have that one thing we bought our kids clothing-wise where, during a moment of clarity, we put our head in our hands and went “what was I thinking?” For me, this purchase happened a few weeks ago at the beginning of baseball season when we decided to buy our kids some adorable Minnesota Twins fake jerseys.

That’s right, at $40 a pop, our kids now can dress like they favorite Twin’s stars for like, you know six months. Honestly, I loved the jerseys to a point that I actually talked my husband getting them. And while our kids are now the ultimate Twin’s fans I still have no idea what I was thinking.

     But I’m thinking maybe that’s what parenting is all about: well thought out decisions with enough stupid ones stuck in there to keep things interesting. For every five great decisions you make, there is one that is a complete head scratcher. But that’s probably human nature.

     By the way, I’m thinking of trade marking this “Five good idea- one bad one” phrase because I can believe that I’m not the only parent who feels this way. How many times have you told your kids that they can’t get a soda only to later on get an ice cream cone because you’re totally craving rocky road. And I’m sure we’ve all broken the bed time rule a few times because you’re just too busy to put them to bed.

     Being a parent is hard and you’re not going to get everything right. With that said I would like to have that jersey purchase back. My kids are going to look amazing this season, and then we will have three expensive souvenirs to sit in the closet until they have kids.

A Parent's Dark Foray into Expensive Children's Clothes


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